The University Bible Chair

Located in Commerce, Texas provides Bible courses through the university and provides a home away from home for the students.

The World Bible School

An effective outreach tool utilized by our congregation for more than twenty-five years. WBS teaches the Bible by correspondence and internet throughout the world. Tobias Olweny is responsible for recruiting WBS students and follow-up in Kenya. Tobias is also a preacher, the director of an orphanage, an assistance program for widows, and a feeding station. Full support is provided for Tobias.

Dominican Republic

We fully support two dedicated preachers, Alexis Pena and Pasquel Perez, who serve a dozen churches in Dominica. Pasquel also preaches on the radio and on the internet. We partially support Jaun de Jeses and have helped with building materials for churches.

Anahuac, Mexico

Near Casa de Esperanza, a children's home where League Street youth have worked. League Street provides full support for Adon Ramirez, preacher for the growing congregation.

Sunset International Bible Institutes

(Presently 64 in number world wide) Dean Tim Burow receives support from League Street. Native students are taught to preach and teach in their own language in their own land.


League Street supports Alex (Sasha) Preletsky, our native missionary in the industrial city of Mariupol. Sasha periodically teaches a course at the Donetsk preaching school.


League Street has helped support Mitch and Naomi Propst in Samara for many years. They have worked hard to develop the teaching and preaching skills of the Russian members.

Spearfish, SD

Campus ministry


We help support Joseph Dzamesi, the Administrator of the Sonrise Christian School in Ho. A government approved and highly regarded school system, Sonrise Christian Schools are an important tool in spreading the gospel in Ghana, their website is

Local Hispanic Work

Has been underway since 1995. The minister, Alonso Santillan, is largely self-supported. All the Hispanic children attend Bible classes taught in English

Mission trips

We also have individuals each year who go on mission trips in the U.S. and abroad.