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Last Updated 4/2/19 2:22 PM
Person Bert & Dama Kirkpatrick
Short Desc various health issues
Last Updated 4/2/19 2:21 PM
Person Merle Spence
Short Desc Cancer
Description Good report from doctor in March. Will continue to monitor but no further treatments at this time.
Last Updated 4/2/19 2:20 PM
Person Kelly Carrington
Short Desc adrenal cancer
Description Possible surgery. CT scan scheduled for April 2019. Continuing with medications
Last Updated 1/24/19 1:06 PM
Person Lonette
Short Desc Test results
Description Summary from my functional medicine provider: Your system is stressed. Your gut is lacking enzymes to help break down proteins which help with immune system. The immune system in the gut is compromised. Your sex hormones and adrenal hormones are very low except for cortisol. You have altered thyroid hormone which is also contributing to the sex hormones. You're probably not getting restorative sleep since melatonin levels are so low. B12 levels are not adequate enough for you. How much of this is related to you mold exposure I am not sure. We have a lot here to correct and treatment will have to be done in stages. I feel like we should start with a detox program.
Last Updated 3/30/18 8:41 AM
Person Carolyn Shurtleff
Short Desc Ongoing health issues
Last Updated 3/1/17 1:15 PM
Person Beth Shurtleff
Short Desc Diagnosed with ALS
Description Will be treated for symptoms and continuing PT
Last Updated 2/22/16 3:06 PM
Person Vaden Richey
Short Desc balance and weakness issues
Last Updated 4/22/15 6:01 AM
Person Rosemary Horn
Short Desc neuropathy/feet