About Us



The McKinney Central church of Christ promotes New Testament Christianity. We strive to be a local church patterned after the Church one reads about in the New Testament. We look to the Bible as the authority for all we do and teach. We believe we should speak as the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent. There are many confusing philosophies that people have advanced regarding God's will, but we simply strive to follow the Bible: nothing more, nothing less. We invite you to study the plain and simple Truth of God's Word with us.



 We welcome you to attend our services any time you have the opportunity. There are classes for all ages. Our main goal is to reach heaven and help as many people who are willing to follow Jesus.


Come visit us!  We would love to have you as our guests!

If you are interested in learning more about the New Testament Church or would like to have a personal bible study then please contact us anytime.

You can email us at mckinneychurchofchrist@gmail.com

or call us anytime at 214-578-5255




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