What is Sermon Upload?

As the name suggests, SermonUpload.com is a system designed to upload sermons. With just a browser and a high-speed internet connection, users with no web programming experience can easily upload sermons. It puts the information into a database that allows users to view them by date, topic, series, preacher, or Bible verse. If you can browse to a file, you can upload sermons.
It also makes it easy to include supplementary material (PDF or powerpoint) with the sermons so users can view the material while listening to the sermon.
Although the ability to upload sermons was the original intent of this website, it has evolved into a comprehensive church of Christ website generator.

Use all or part

In most cases, you should be able to use sermonupload to replace your current website and cancel your hosting, saving your church some money. However, if you are happy with your current site, you can keep paying your current host and embed any section of sermonupload (sermons, articles, calendar, member area) into your current site. You can even include an archive link back to your old list of sermons, so you can upload current sermons and keep the old sermons in the old format.

Who can use Sermon Upload?

This system is to be used by members of non-institutional churches of Christ. It will be most helpful for the preacher and/or the person responsible for maintaining a congregation's website.

Why use Sermon Upload?

SermonUpload.com is an easy-to-use way to make a complete church website without any programming. You can select from several pre-defined themes, or you can customize it to suit your own needs.
Although you don't need to know HTML, if you are familiar with HTML, you also have the option to enter your own code.
If you choose to make them public, your sermons will be in a master database so that web users can view sermons from a collaboration of preachers in the churches of Christ.
SermonUpload.com was made for members of the church by members of the church. You can use SermonUpload for your website and cancel your current hosting. You will likely save money while supporting the brethren.
Sermons can be listened to on most modern smartphones (including the Iphone).

What are the system requirements for using Sermon Upload?

To upload audio files, you will need broad-band Internet access. We've tested it with .7 mbps and it works fine. It may work with considerably slower speeds, but success with slower speeds may be inconsistent.
Sermon Upload has been tested with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
This program takes advantage of many of the latest features of modern browsers. Thus, if you want to upload files and have an old computer, you will likely need to upgrade your browser and possibly your computer.

It's Free to Use!

We currently have room for tons of websites and sermons at no charge. We want to encourage every congregation to upload their sermons using sermonupload.com. Whether or not your church has a budget for it, we want to make your sermons available to the public.
Churches using the free version enjoy all the benefits of the program as well as free email support. However, premium users will get priority support and their package insures that their older sermons will not be purged to make room for newer sermons.
We expect to be able to leave all sermons up for at least one year. If demand exceeds support, then we will purge older sermons (at our discretion) to make room for newer sermons.
Sermons on a specific passage of scripture or topic will take priority when deciding which older sermons to remove.

Individuals can make contributions to improve the free version, allowing more sermons and bandwith.

Donations from Individuals

Premium Package

For $200/year, your congregation can use the system with no limitations. You have unlimited uploads as well as priority support (both phone and email).
This also includes your own domain name (www.yoursite.com) and up to four (4) hours of custom programming per year. This includes logos/banners (Photoshop), general HTML work, or even custom database programming (Coldfusion/SQL Server).
Premium package sermons will never be purged. As necessary, churches with the premium package will be moved to different servers to decrease the bandwidth load associated with too many sermons on the same server.

Currently, sermonupload.com is still in its infancy and has tons of free available space. So, everyone that signs up will receive the premium package (excluding custom work and domain name) until the end of 2013. You will have unlimited uploads and premium support.
No credit card necessary. Just sign up and you will instantly have a website with sermons.

Sermonupload will not use any outside advertising on your church website.

Register your church now and see how easy it is.

If you have any questions, send an email to: